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Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences - BLIS
Duration : Min. Duration 1 Year
Max. Duration 2 Years
Programme Details



Information is an important resource in the day-to-day operations of individuals, organizations and society. The world has evolved to an age where information technology and information explosion are here with us. There is therefore need for information professionals to acquire higher and relevant qualifications and skills for libraries and other information centres. It is due to this need in our country that the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) programme is being introduced. The techniques of library services have made great advances during last few decades with the result that the libraries are better planned, organised, equipped and administered, the book-stocks are more effective and better arranged and the readers are given increased facilities and greater assistance. Library is an asset of modern education and research. The situation has been created in such a way that the society cannot breathe without the library. The Bachelor of Library and Information Science programme is a structured professional and discipline-specific curriculum. For all this, an elaborate planning in every field demands specialised training and so also in librarianship. A systematic training for personnel in modern libraries has become an absolute necessity to meet the demands.




1. To educate the students in the philosophy of librarianship, basic principles, fundamental laws, professional ethics.
2. To train students in the management of Library and Information Centres.
3. To enable students to understand and appreciate the functions and purpose of Library & Information Centres in the changing social, cultural, technological and economic environment.
4. To provide basic knowledge of computer and its application in Library and Information activities.
5. To give students an understanding of the basics of Information Science.
6. To train students in the skills of information, knowledge processing, organization, and retrieval.
7. The students are prepared in such a manner that they may be capable of taking up self- employment in the information field.
8. The students are prepared to take up the information challenges of the coming years.


Programme Code - 4H2H-S

(English Medium)*
*(Study Material may be made available in English Medium.
However, a student has the option of writing the Exam in English/ Hindi/ Punjabi language except for
DLIS114 (Library Classification Practice) and DLIS117 (Library Cataloguing Practice)
courses which are to be attempted only in English Language.)


Programme Duration


Min. Duration 1 Year
Max. Duration 2 Years

Eligibility & Fee



Graduation in any discipline or equivalent

Eligibility, admission criteria or any other condition mentioned here in or otherwise for admission to any programme is subject to change as prescribed by the university.


*Fee Details

Programme Fee₹ 4500 (per semester)

Examination Fee₹ 1500 (per semester)

Study Material Fee₹ 1000 (per semester)



  • Programme Fee for 1st semester will be payable at the time of admission. Fee for all other semester(s) will be payable as per the schedule prescribed by the university before the start of End Term Exam of corresponding semester/ year.

  • Examination fee will be payable along with the programme fee.

  • If a student wants to take printed Study Material, then he/ she is required to pay the Study Material fee separately at the time of receiving Study Material.

*Exclusive of one time Application Fee of Rs. 500/- to be paid at the time of new admission.


Career Prospects

One can find employment opportunities in:

  • Public/Government libraries

  • Universities/collages/schools and other academic institutions

  • News agencies and organizations

  • Private organizations

  • Foreign embassies

  • Photo/film/radio/television libraries

  • Information centres/documentation centers

  • Companies and organizations with large information handling requirements

  • Museums and galleries, which have reading rooms and research facilities

  • Law library/Special library


Further study options after BLIS

  • MLIS

Higher studies in reputed universities in India and abroad can be pursued.


Some of the relevant designations related to BLIS

  • Library Assistant

  • Junior Librarian

  • Junior Information Analysts

  • Assistant Librarian

  • Deputy Librarian

  • Librarian

  • Educator

  • Consultant/Reference Librarian

  • Cataloguer/Technical Assistant/Records Manager

  • Indexer

  • Archivist

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