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Master of Arts (Punjabi)
Duration :
Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years

Programme Details



The program seeks to enhance the understanding of historical, conceptual, critical aspects of Punjabi language, literature, culture and advance professionally in positions that integrate literary studies like Punjabi poetry, drama, fiction, criticism, creative writing etc. Nowadays, there is an excessive demand of manpower with expertise in Punjabi especially in the field of Punjabi Media as well as in teaching. So the current course caters to this need. The aim of M.A Punjabi is to upgrade the students’ knowledge in Punjabi literature and to enable them to use this deep knowledge practically in daily life.




1). The program trains students in study of Punjabi poetry, drama, fiction, criticism etc which helps to understand social and cultural fabric of Punjab and its diaspora.
2). Students can pursue career in teaching as well as professional and creative writer in media, theatre, and television industry.
3). Join media industry as Journalists, Editors, Reporters, Anchors and Interpreters.
4). Students will be able to understand the Diaspora issues by concerned studies.
5). Higher education in advanced Punjabi literary studies can be opted.


Programme Code : 4429-S

Programme Duration


Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years

Eligibility & Fee



Graduation in any discipline or equivalent

Eligibility, admission criteria or any other condition mentioned here in or otherwise for admission to any programme is subject to change as prescribed by the university.


*Fee Details

Programme Fee₹ 4500 (per semester)

Examination Fee₹ 1500 (per semester)

Study Material Fee₹ 1000 (per semester)



  • Programme Fee for 1st semester will be payable at the time of admission. Fee for all other semester(s) will be payable as per the schedule prescribed by the university before the start of End Term Exam of corresponding semester/ year.

  • Examination fee will be payable along with the programme fee.

  • If a student wants to take printed Study Material, then he/ she is required to pay the Study Material fee separately at the time of receiving Study Material.

*Exclusive of one time Application Fee of Rs. 500/- to be paid at the time of new admission.


Career Prospects

Some of the relevant designations related to M.A. Punjabi

  •  Author/ Poet/ Lyricist

  •  Anchors

  •  Interpreter and Translator

  •  Public Relation Officer

  •  Journalist/ Reporter

  •  Editor

  •  Proof Reader

  •  Educational Consultant

  •  Blogger

  •  Teacher Trainer

  •  Creative writer in media, theatre, and television industry

  •  Teacher/ Lecturer
    Teachers can find employment in

    • Secondary schools

    • Colleges

    • Universities

    • Educational research institutes

    • Teaching opportunities in foreign countries


Further study options after M.A.

  • M.Phil.

  • Ph.D.

Higher studies can be pursued in reputed universities in India and abroad

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