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Master of Science (Information Technology) - MSCIT
Duration : Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years


​Programme Details



Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc.IT) is a Programme designed to meet the needs of the market for expertise in Information Technology (IT). The Programme is intended to address the increasing demand in the work-place for IT professionals with a broad and sound knowledge of both technical and managerial skills. A master degree is granted to individuals who have undergone study demonstrating a mastery or high-order overview of a specific area.




1. To equip postgraduate students with an integrated set of skills that will allow them to develop their professional careers in Information Technology.
2. To equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is necessary to enable them to understand the design of complex computer applications/science.
3. The programme also prepares students to embrace future developments in the field and has a demonstrated professional relevance.
4. The programme helps students to acquire the latest skills and build their future capabilities using world-class technology. At the end of this programme, a student will possess a strong foundation of computer systems and information technology.
5. Dexterity in advanced programming languages; power to build sophisticated software for wide area of applications.
6. Skills to work with higher end applications in internet technologies; also managerial ability to analyze, design, develop and to maintain software development.


Programme Code : 1423

Programme Duration


Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years

​ Eligibility & Fee



Graduation in any discipline or equivalent

Eligibility, admission criteria or any other condition mentioned here in or otherwise for admission to any programme is subject to change as prescribed by the university.

*Fee Details

Programme Fee₹ 12000 (per semester)

Examination Fee₹ 1500 (per semester)

Study Material Fee₹ 1000 (per semester)



  • Programme Fee for 1st semester will be payable at the time of admission. Fee for all other semester(s) will be payable as per the schedule prescribed by the university before the start of End Term Exam of corresponding semester/ year.

  • Examination fee will be payable along with the programme fee.

  • If a student wants to take printed Study Material, then he/ she is required to pay the Study Material fee separately at the time of receiving Study Material.

*Exclusive of one time Application Fee of Rs. 500/- to be paid at the time of new admission.


Career Prospects

IT Services

  • Office Automation

  • Telecommunication

  • Computing


Banking & Finance

  • Executing financial operations using updated software and accounting packages

  • Maintaining, expanding, and updating data bases of financial transactions


Some of the relevant designations after M.Sc. IT are:

  • Programmer

  • Project Manager

  • Systems and Software engineer

  • Systems Manager

  • Database Programmer/Designer

  • Web Design Specialist

  • System Analyst

  • Information Security Specialist

  • Quality Assurance Specialist

  • Computer Science Instructor


Further Study Options

  • M. Tech.

  • Ph.D.

  • Students with M.Sc. IT/ M.Sc. CS may take Lateral Entry in 3rd year of MCA as per the eligibility criteria prescribed by the universities.

Health Services

  • Development and conduction of Diagnostic/ Medical tests

  • Maintaining medical case studies and health records of the patients

  • Video-Conferencing


Hospitality Services

Jobs may involve providing expert IT services in managing/ running:

  • Restaurants and hotels

  • Event management

  • Cruise services

  • Airlines agencies

  • Travel agencies


Retail & Manufacturing


Jobs may involve providing expert IT services in retail and manufacturing activities of industries like:

  • Automobile industries

  • Power plants

  • Textiles industry

  • Cement and other related industries


Entertainment & Media

  • Making animation films

  • Graphic designing

  • Multimedia development

  • Technical aspects of film making

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